Loch Lochy, Scotland Wall Art Photo Block 06

Loch Lochy, Scotland Wall Art Photo Block 06

My daughter Marie is married and living in Scotland since 2001 and she has a lot of Irish landscapes hanging on her walls. A few years ago I was over for Christmas and her husband said to me over a wee dram that he loved my photographs, but he was looking forward to hanging a ‘local’ one. I promised that I would have one before I got back on the ferry.


Two days later driving south to Oban. Ahead of us through the trees I could see flashes of a rapidly fading sunset.


I checked Google Maps on my phone and saw that we were coming to a bridge and crossing to the east side of a lake, so I told my partner that no matter what the road conditions were like, she was to pull over after crossing the bridge and I would jump out. She came back to me 10 mins later with me frozen and soaked to the knees, but delighted that my son-in-law Reece would have a wonderful Scottish view for his birthday. The light was gone by the time she had turned.

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    Fujicolor crystal archive paper, mounted on a Wallart Photo Block