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Supplier of the Month – Spoonful Botanical

A spoonful a day keeps the creaky joints at bay! – The jar is packed full! 500 grams of fresh herbs & spices. The recipe is based on Indian folk knowledge that combines 14 herbs and spices along with fermented fruits, well-known to combat inflammation.

Spoonful Botanical can provide everyday joint relief from one spoonful daily. It is this innovative process of combining the highest quality herbs and spices to extract the active compound in each ingredient, to create Spoonful’s natural food - based solution that helps combat inflammation.

We have been selling Spoonful Botanical since July 2020 and the reports coming back are amazing, not only am I hearing about joint pain relief but also stomach problem’s improving and energy levels rising.

We have a jar open if you would like to try it, I have heard so many ways the spoonful a day is taken from in porridge, on a spoon on toast, to the topping on naan bread with a curry! The choice is yours !

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