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Measurements? How are you at measurements?

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

I think I must have missed the maths class that taught lb to kilo conversion in school. I can cook I can bake but I am awful at measuring & measurements!

"Lets sell some old fashioned sweets", Orlaigh said, " the old glass jars, they will look the part on the shelves". "Absolutely, pick your favourite types, Bulls Eyes, Satin Pillows, Clove Rock, Cough Sweets etc.. ".

So I did a bit of research found an Irish supplier and placed the order. The order arrived promptly with four men carrying large sacks of sweets upstairs to our store room. "Jesus', said Orlaigh. "...that’s some order for one person!" – little did she know!

Would you believe I ordered 100 kilos of sweets instead of 100lbs of sweets! We managed to sell them all but the store room smelt like Willy Wonka’s Factory for a whole year.

I don’t do those kind of orders anymore if it involves large measurements of any kind!

#stockwell #boiledsweets

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